Welcome to Pixelate!

hydrxx a posted Dec 8, 17

Welcome to Pixelate's forums!

Here,you can apply for staff ranks get all the latest news and alerts related to Pixelate!

To be up to date on our server please join our Discord Server.

To buy ranks and more items which benefit you and give you special permissions in-game, you can visit our shop!

Don't forget to be active in the community!

Rules For The Website:

  • Do not Spam or Wall Text or Post obnoxious amounts of text (including emotes).
  • Do not impersonate/mimic any staff.
  • You can curse but keep it to a minimum - don't obnoxiously swear a ton.
  • Use English only in this forum - we need to be able to moderate in our common language.
  • Do not advertise.
  • Don't share personal info (for your own safety).
  • Don't harass staff or anyone.
  • Listen to all staff.